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Welcome to the home page of the Great Dark Horde!

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The DARK HORDE is a household (so they tell us) within the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. It may very well be the largest household in that organization, but is not necessarily exclusive to that organization.

Press Here for a Real Audio file!It covers -all- the Kingdoms, though in some Kingdoms our members do not always advertise themselves as Hordesmen.

Some people consider the Dark Horde a Nefarious Plot. They may very well be right. Then again, such people could also be paranoid neurotics who don't have a life.

But then again (again) .......................... one never knows!

Don't think you can identify a Hordesman by their garb. They may very well be dressed as a Cavalier ..... or a Crusader ..... or wearing your Kingdom's Crown.

Press here for a RealAudio file

Luckman's Best of the Web

Please do not annoy the Brontosaurus
There are people in the world now ....
and a lot of them are Mongols!

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No Rhinohiding

free and uncensored

Kings? Kings? We don't NEED no steenking Kings!

This homepage is NOT an official publication of the SCA Inc. or the Dark Horde, nor does it deliniate any SCA (and is therefore uncensored and free) or Dark Horde policies in any official capacity whatsoever. In cases of conflict with printed versions of material presented on this page or it's links, the dispute will in all probability be decided by flipping a coin. The only official source of Dark Horde information is ..... er ..... ah ..... Well, there isn't any official source because we deny everything. It's not our yak.
The Dark Horde does not claim responsibility for the SCA Inc. either, so there!.

Any SCA or related group may link to this page at their own risk at any time. Beware of the Batu.

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