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The Letter Verbatim
Petruccio's Letter to the BoD
Ronna's Letter to the BoD
A Kingdom Officer's Letter to the BoD
Is This The New Inquisition? Compare for yourself!
Comments on the New Site for Estrella War
More comments on the New Site for Estrella War
A Song To Atenveldt
Another Comment on the Matter
Interesting Times Newsletter (Adobe Acrobat needed)
Interesting Times Newsletter (JPG version)
People are voting with their feet
A Small Parable As To The Coming Result
Will It Come To This?
A Poem
A Legal Notice to the SCA Inc.

NOTICE: Should be BoD respond officially to this information, we will be more than happy to post it. So far ..... nothing.

Daily Affirmations for the SCA Politician
Will We Come To This?
Your New Government Official (TM)
A Parable For The SCA
Cultic Groups In The SCA

Random Bits of Wisdom