Morgaine ferch Cadwr

Greetings to all:

I have been following the discussion of documentation for fighting and fencing techniques with some interest. What I have not seen is enough (to my mind) hard information to help those newly interested, or those with a some resources, to find more. And thank you to those who have given specific citations.

In the interests of getting the ball rolling, I offer the following list of selected sources and where they can be obtained. Some information is incomplete - it is based on what I have readily at hand. I include as much as possible on how to find them. Both light and heavy weapons are included, with some bias towards my primary interest in fencing (see below for French manual I am translating). I also know of many more books on philosophy and regulation of war and single combat which are not included for brevity. Reference are in chronological order with some comments.

On the places to obtain said books:

Now on to the Bibliography:


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