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Finding your way in Horde Camp at Pennsic

Welcome to Horde Camp! We have been camping on Horde Hill for lo these many years, and have developed and evolved some customs and traditions that you should be aware of to make your visit (or stay) with us a little more comfortable.


This is the fence around HordeCamp. Sometimes it's pretty fancy, sometimes just a rope.

The Horse Gate  

The Gate can be recognized by the black on red horse Khanna walls to either side and behind it. This is where you will find the:

Guard Shack

All Anda are expected to stand watches at the Guard Shack during Pennsic. It is manned 24 hours a day.

When you enter Horde Camp, you will be asked the name(s) of the persons you are visiting. They will be fetched, and they will sign you in (and out) of camp unless we are holding Open Camp, when this becomes unnecessary.

If you have a pass into Camp, you will not need to sign in and out.

Banner Raising

The Horde Banner, with nine horsetails, can be seen from almost any point at Pennsic. It is at the very top of Horde Hill, on an extremely tall pole.

Pale Horse Banner and the Obo  

To one side of the Horde Banner will be a smaller flag emblazoned with a riderless horse. This commemorates our dead. If you knew one of the persons whose names are on the flag, you are welcome to leave a stone on the Obo (a stone cairn) beside or in front of it. Please do not touch this flag.

The main fire pit, home of the Eternal Pot of War Coffee.  
Drink at your own risk.

Bread and Salt

If you are offered Bread and Salt by the Dark Horde, it means that we will not kill you for three days.

The High Rent District: is at the very top of Horde Hill. This is where the Banner flies, and where Khan's Court is held. It is the heart of Horde Camp.

Landmarks you will see there:

The Slums:

Landmarks you will see there:

The Tree of Shade  

Over Cip's Table is the venerable Tree of Shade, decorated with many Interesting Things.

Cip's Table  

Cip's Table is a shrine to the Ghods of Brew. It is the gathering place in the Slums. Drink if invited, ask what it is first!


If you don't know, you don't need to know .......

The Ghetto:

Landmarks you will see there:

Bob the Tree  

The Ghetto's Tree is a new addition to Horde Camp. It's decorations are still evolving.

The Eruv: around the Ghetto is a second khanna, but this has a religious purpose. It is called an "eruv," and establishes a ritual space for Orthodox Jews.

Mordechai the Baker's oven  

Home-baked bread and bagels!

The Back-of-the-Hill

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