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Some Thoughts

I would have said that no Horde Brother has any business trying to take a job away from some poor, deserving Kingdomer schmuck who doubtless is having trouble keeping up the payments on his castle, affording ransom insurance, and making dowry for his daughters.

I mean, it's simple economics:

If Hordesmen take all of the high-profile jobs, the Kingdomers start thinking they're living in a Mongol-welfare-state and stop producing goods and services. There would be lay-offs in the rattan-weapons industry, massive unemployment amongst Scribes ( " Will Illuminate for Food! " ), and a total collapse in Duct-Tape futures.

What are you going to do with all of the redundant lackies and courtesans? Most of them simply can't be retrained for any _useful_ work; they'd have to be pensioned-off, which is another drain on resources.

And what about the environmental impact? Do _you_ want a bunch of unemployed Pelicans and Laurels roaming all over our nice, clean Steppes?

You have to consider these things if you're thinking about running for Chagua-khan; it's not the same as dicing for loot. At least when you're dicing, _one_ of you would be the winner.



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