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      (c) copyright 1992 W.J. Bethancourt III
       (Tune: "Town That I Loved So Well")
         G   D         C      G
  In my memory I will always see 
       Am7            D7       G
  The Kingdom that I loved so well
            G        D                    C        G
  And back then it seemed that we chased after a Dream
       Am7            D7              G
  To escape from the mundane world's hell.
             G          D              C         G    
  And when times got tough, we could take it enough
         Am7                      D7
  And we saw it thru without complainin'
   G          D           C        G    
  For deep inside grew a burning pride
                     D7      G
  In the Kingdom I loved so well

  There was music there, in the clear desert air
  Like a language that we all could understand
  I remember the day that the Laurel came my way
  Singing songs to a fresh, young land
  There I spent my youth, and to tell you the truth
  It would be sad to leave it all behind me
  For I'd learned about life, and I'd found me a wife
  In the Kingdom I loved so well

  Now the Old Guard's not gone, for they still carry on
  For their spirit's been bruised, never broken
  They will not forget, but their hearts are set
  On tomorrow, and a Dream once again
  For I know right well there's a special place in Hell
  For the ones that turned a Dream into a nightmare
  I can only pray for a bright, brand new day
  In the Kingdom I loved so well

Permission is REFUSED to reprint in any corporate SCA publications. Unofficial publications may reprint at will. Send a copy to the author if you do at: PO Box 35190, Phoenix AZ 85069