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Radio Free Mongolia: The Voice of Truth
The REAL news of the Known Worlde Coming Soon to a War near YOU!

Listen In and Marvel

The peace-loving pastoral nomads of the Dark Horde wish to extend their hand in Friendship and Amity to all, and to counter the propaganda of the running dog imperialists.

Therefore, coming soon to a War near you, will be RADIO FREE MONGOLIA, broadcasting on low-power FM from various locations and dodging the bloody-handed agents of the imperialistic war-mongering Kingdoms.

Look for our handbills advertising times and dates of broadcast, and the frequency to which to tune.

Get the REAL news! Get good music! Listen to the TRUTH from Mongolia Rose!

The Great Dark Horde does not want to take over your Kingdom. We only wish peaceful co-existence with the Kingdoms of the SCA. We are really peaceful pastoral nomads, and we are only looking for a little art and culture. We're really sorry that we broke some stuff, and we strenously deny the allegations of plunder.

Someone else started the fire, the damage to the castle was inadvertent, and it was not our yak, but someone else's entirely.

Radio Free Mongolia: Annoying the Powers-That-Be!

We're In The Yellow Pages

Thanks to our supporters: The Trimaris People's Liberation Front, ShadowCat Clan, PSS Raider, The Atlantian Committee of Safety, The Provisional People's Republic of South Caid, The Aten People's Liberation Army, The Group of Twelve, Jihad al-Barran, the Armadillo Conspiracy, the MidRealm Shadows and others who wish to remain anonymous.

Hear the truth about the War you are being forced to fight!


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