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ATENVELDT -- In an 2-0 vote, the Crown approved legislation Monday establishing PlatinumPlus Preferred citizenship, an exciting new program offering special benefits and discounts to select members of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

      "By becoming a PlatinumPlus citizen, you join an exclusive club of elite Atenveldters," said the King, who signed the bill into law late Monday. "And as part of that club, you'll be eligible for many special benefits, including better campsites, the Crown's phone number, and seating at Court, which is not available to ordinary, EconoBudget citizenry. It's our way of saying thank you to our best customers."

      "And, of course," the King added, "there are never any annual fees."

      PlatinumPlus citizens -- selected according to a number of demographic factors, including age, Barony - of - Residence and socio - economic status -- will enjoy a wide variety of other benefits, including immunity from the Marshallate; separate, no-wait lines at events; and instant Peerages for their proteges, squires and apprentices.

      After just one year in the club, members can also begin earning extra votes for elections. "Wouldn't you like to earn up to five bonus votes for the next Baronial election?" said the Baron of Blatherskite, a co-sponsor of the measure. "With your new PlatinumPlus citizenship, you can."

      According to the Baron, those at the highest level of the new program, or "Diamond Club" citizens, will enjoy additional rewards, including a pass good for acquittal from one Court of Chivalry and their choice of any Kingdom award.

      John Goldenhair of Tres Osos, a Laurel of the Kingdom, was also extended an offer to join. "The PlatinumPlus - only express lanes for War registration are nice, and so are the unlimited drinks," Biddle said. "But what I really like is the program's Gold Circle Premium Health Care package, which gets me access to the finest medical care anywhere. It's nice to know that if I ever get hurt at an event that is more than twenty minutes away from emergency care, emergency workers hired to be on the scene will prioritize my injuries over those of any other people who may have been hurt."

      Added John: "The seats up front at Court are a nice plus, too."

      The Crown stressed that those not eligible for PlatinumPlus citizenship will still enjoy the many benefits of regular Atenveldt citizenship, including one free vote in each Baronial "election", and the assistance of their Board Ombudsman should the Crown overstep it's rights (as decided by the Board with the advice of the PlatinumPlus citizens).  

    "To our Kingdom's EconoBudget citizens, I want to assure you that you will still get the same great service from your government that you always have," the Crown said. "The site fees, the Baronial voting, the feast food -- it's all still part of the basic citizenship package. And while, yes, a few certain special privileges will be off - limits to you, that should in no way make you feel like a second - class citizen. Remember, we are all Atenveldters here, no matter how poorly or well we are treated."

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