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The Dark Horde


We Are The Dark Horde

The Great Dark Horde is organized much like the Mongols were in the past.

The basic group is the KHANATE, which is a family sort of thing much like the standard SCA "household." Each Khanate is led and "spoken for" by a Tar-Khan, who is usually elected from the group.

These Khanates can group together into a YASUN, which operates much like an SCA Barony.

Yasuns group into IRGUNS, which serve as an administrative unit much like an SCA Principality, though they cover much larger areas. The spokesman for an Irgun is the NOYAN of that Irgun.

And the Irguns make up the Horde, who are spoken for by the KA-KHAN.

We also have other administrative functions, such as the GUR-KHAN, and IL-KHAN, who perform duties for the group as a whole.

This is a sketchy outline, as it must be. We do not think our full TO&E would be of interest.

The Great Dark Horde


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