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Blank Page in August 1998 Southwind

This was posted on the Atenveldt mailing list. The words are the authors'. :

(The following) "was included in the August Southwind until the Atenveldt Crown ordered its removal, even though the newsletter was already at the printer. If the Crown of Atenveldt has nothing to hide then why do they continue their attempts to censor what the populace hears and learns?

The following is the complete text of the letter that should have appeared on page 14 of Southwind.....the letter the Crown feared so much that they ordered its removal.

Goodbye Estrella Mountain Park

As many people know because of the size of Estrella War it is being moved to Schnepf's Farm from Estrella Mountain Park. This is the third move for the war; the first site being Burro Creek, which we definitely outgrew.The last year there I camped in a rock pile. I still have the bent tent stakes to prove it. The next site was 40 acres of private land outside of Bouse AZ, owned by an SCA member. This site only lasted two years. There were too many problems; no near-by medical facilities (more chirurgeons were in Parker than on site), no stores, only small country stores for shopping. The third site was Estrella Mountain Park (where the first Caid invitational was held) and where Estrella War has been held for 14 years.

Some people say we have outgrown this site too!

I do not think so for the SCA uses so little of the park.There is a lot more land than the 80 acres in the paved road circle. Therefore, I would like to say goodbye to the many things that people have not mentioned when they talk about how great the new site will be.

Goodbye to major stores five miles away: Fry's, ABCO, Albertson's, Southwest Supermarket, Safeway, Wal-Mart, TrueValue Hardware, Auto Repair shops and parts store, plus major banks with ATMS. Tired of cooking, well, goodbye to restaurants: JBs ,Arby's, MacDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, two Chinese restaurants, Peter Piper, Taco Bell plus many local restaurants: Mazzoni's, Tony's Mexican, to name a few.

Don't want to camp, goodbye to Ramada Inn and BestWestern, only five miles away.

In the Military, again, goodbye to Luke Air Force Base eight miles away with its commissary and medical facilities, for those military people in the SCA, who may be able to get military transportation to the war.

If you're hurt in the fighting or become ill during the war, goodbye to Goodyear Fire Department Paramedics and Emergency Medical Service, five miles away. There will be no medical services at Schnepf's Farm except for what the SCA pays for. All emergencies are Air Evac. Think of the cost for the injured.

As to the site itself, goodbye nine covered ramadas with electricity and concrete slabs which will be replaced with one stage and tents for which the SCA pays extra.

Goodbye to the horse arena with stalls and rental horses for riding trails in the mountains.

Goodbye to the ball park for archery with its large area and short grass for safe shooting and easy finding of arrows.

Goodbye to some paved parking throughout the site.

Goodbye to trees and picnic tables and grills thoughout the site.

I don't know how the war committee will replace these things without raising costs, so have we really outgrown Estrella Mountain Park. How do you feel about what we're saying goodbye to?

-Baroness Mary Margaret of Derby,