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Be patient! COOOL MAN! Dis page is graphics heaby

Webuhlcome t' de home page of de Great Dark Horde! Huh huh!

Dis page optimizid f' NetScape 2.02 'n abobe, uh uh uh, 'n Innernet Exploreh

De DARK HORDE is a household (so dey tell us) widin de Society f' Cratibe Anachronism Inc. It may behy webuhll be de largest household in dat organizashun, but is not necessary exclusibe t' dat organizashun.

Press Here for a Real Audio file!It cobehs -all- de Kiggdoms, dough in some Kiggdoms our membehs do not allays adbehtise demselbes as Hordesmen.

Some peoble consideh de Dark Horde a Nefarous Plot. Gawlly!Dey may behy webuhll be rite. Den again, such peoble cudd also be paranoid neurotics who don't habe a life.

But den again (again) .......................... one nebeh knows! Huh huh!

Don't dink you can identify a Hordesman by deir garb. Dey may behy webuhll be dressid as a Cabalieh ..... DOIHH!or a Crusadeh ..... or webuharigg your Kiggdom's Crown.

Press here for a RealAudio file

Luckman's Best of the Web

Please do not annoy de Brontosaurus
Dehe are peoble in the, uh, the world now ....
and alot of dem are Mongols! Huh huh!

Please Click Hehe
No Rhinohiding

free and uncensored

Kings? Kings? We don't NEED no steenking Kings!

Dis homepage is NOT an official publicashun of de SCA Inc. or de Dark Horde, nor does it deliniate any SCA (and is dehef'e ussnsorid and free) or Dark Horde policies in any official capacity whatsoebeh. In cases of conflict wid printid behshuns of matehial presentid on dis page or it's links, duuhhhh, the, uhhh, dispoot will in all probabiltiby be decidid by flippigg a coin. Duh.De on official suhce of Dark Horde inf'mashun is ..... eh ..... ah ..... Lee me lone!Webuhll, dehe isn't any official suhce cuz webuh deny ebehydigg. Um uh.It's not our yak.
De Dark Horde does not claim reponsibiltiby f' de SCA Inc, GEEEHEEHEEE.eideh, so dehe! Huh huh!.

Any SCA or relatid group may link t' dis page at deir own risk at any time. Um uh.Beware of de Batu.

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Dis HTML cratid and maitainid by Ioseph of Locksley :
and is © copyrite 1997, 1998 W, GEEEHEEHEEE.Dg. Um uh.Bedancourt III. All artwork is © copyrite 1997, 1998 W.Dg. Bedancourt III
or de original ownehs deheof. Gawlly!De baje of de Great Dark Horde (Classic) is a registehid baje widin de SCA Inc.
Danks especial go t' E. Phillips f' helpigg t' make dis page posstiggle,
'n to all de Crowns of de SCA, 'n de BoD, f' showigg us dat Dumbeh is at times an inexhaustiggle resuhce.

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