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How It All Began ......

When the Dark Horde first appeared at an event of the SCA in the Middle Kingdom, on the 8th of May in 1971, the three persons involved (Yang, Bork and Temujin) had not announced their plans .....

They wore black, brandished knives and looked -tough as hell-.

The Middle Kingdom immediately climbed a tree, gibbered a bit, and mistook them for a motorcycle gang (all three of them!).

Even after all the misunderstandings were straightened out, there remains some tension between the Horde and some in the Kingdoms .... those who would like nothing better than to be able to say that they were right, that the Horde is filled with dangerous, vicious animals, ready to turn on the world at the drop of a Hat.


Therefore, we must act accordingly. Those who flock to our tugh (battle standard) expecting freedom from the burdens of courtesy, rules, and responsibility will be sorely disappointed. We actually require a higher degree of self-discipline, of honor, and of perfection, than most every other group in the SCA.

The Dark Horde, therefore, is able to mean many things. It means the freedom to choose a persona from any point on the globe in the period before 1650 CE. It means equality and respect for each person, regardless of race, sex, age, or even allegiance, as our rules regarding courtesy extend also to ch'agua (outsiders) as well as to our fellows. It means cameradierie and friendship; a huge motley family who will rally to your side in times of crisis. But, most importantly, it means that we shall never know defeat as long as we cling to our ideals, for the ideals will outlast both ourselves and our opponents.

And what are these ideals? The pursuit of perfection, not merely an empty claim to superiority, in all that we do. The pursuit of victory in such a way that both Horde and Kingdom will benefit. The respect of all men, despite personal differences. The creation of a better SCA by example.

If, after taking the above into consideration, you would wish to ride with us, we will greet you as a fellow seeker after perfection. But think long and deeply before considering, for each step you take will make it more difficult to turn back.


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Some of the Horde went on to become the Dorsai Irregulars