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Riders of the Pale Horse
Tagan the Talesmyth
April 26, 1992

The pale horse that runs silently
Through the night, and calls from us our souls
Whose call none may naysay,
Who races from here to where none return.

And where do you go, O travelerThe pale horse, swifter than the wind,
More silent than the stone of the mountain,
Who runs through the night
And calls to him our souls.

The horse that is a fulfillment
Of all endeavors, all lusts
For they do direct us
But to his passage.

And thus our Khan is seated
Upon a white horse hide
To remind us of yon pale steed
Lest we falter in our duty

Ere he comes for us. For all men
End alike upon his back
And none may change one line
Of who and what he was.

Look well upon the white horse hide,
Be unfailing in duty to the Great Khan,
For all men end alike upon
The Pale Horse.

None may naysay his summons.

The Pale Horse Banner

The Banner of the Pale Horse: Pennsic War 1997 CE


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