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By Todric

Twas the Night Before Pennsic
Most everything packed
My Apartment looked like
It had truely been sacked.

Rhani was snoozin'
Curled up with the cat
And I'm contemplating:
Did I pack my hat?

Just a short break
From my work I was taking,
When I heard a loud Thud
And the room started shaking!

I cursed at the neighbors!
" Who pulled such a stunt?!"
Then out in the driveway
I heard a loud -Grunt-!

I crept to the doorway,
Past carpets and trunk,
My Cook-Box and candles,
And all of that junk

And what did I see,
As I peeked round my stacks?
A Little Old Mongol
And 500 yaks!

From his upturned-toed boots
To the spike on his hat
I recognized him
In 10 seconds flat!

"Sain Bainuu, Father Ghengis!"
"I greet you, My Son!
"But tell me, my boy:
"Is your packing all done?"

"Are your roof rings together?
"Is your hana all loaded?
"And what of your rope,"
The Old Mongol goaded.

"Your Med-kit? Your tool bag?
"Your Cords and your leather?
"The little receiver
"That tunes-in the weather?

With each new suggestion
I checked off my list.
Soon, though, it seemed
There was nothing I'd missed.

"Your camp stove and cookpots?
"Your tapestries? Drums?
"Your Fire Extinguisher?
" Vitamins? Plums?

"Your candles and sandles?
"Your flashlight and sunblock?
"And weren't you going
"To take an alarm clock?

"What about cereal?
"What about meat?
(He rattled off dozens of
good things to eat.)

"Wait, Father Ghengis!
"My packing's complete!
"I even remembered
"Dry socks for my feet!

"I've tables and cables
"And hangings for walls!
"And plumbing for water
"And hot-shower stalls!

"Each thing you listed
"I know I have packed
"But Hey, Father Ghengis,
"What's up with the Yaks?

"A gift for the King,"
The Old Mongol said.
"I'm planning a stampede
"To go right through his bed!"

And I heard him yell out
As he rode out of sight
"Happy Pennsic to All!!
And to All,
A good night.


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