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Be patient! Fry mah hide! This hyar page is graphics heavy
Welcome t'th' home page of th' Great Dark Ho'de!

This hyar page oppimized fo' NetScape 2.02 an' above, an' Internet Splorer

It is now Check your local time here wharvah hyar is

Th' DARK HORDE is a household (so they tell us) wifin th' Society fo' Creative Anachronism Inc. It may mighty fine be th' largess household in thet o'ganizashun, but is not necessarily exclusive t'thet o'ganizashun.

Press Here for a Real Audio file! It covahs -all- th' Kin'doms , though in some Kin'doms our members does not allus advahtise themselves as Ho'desmen, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Some varmints cornsider th' Dark Ho'de a Nefarious Plot . They may mighty fine be right. Then agin, sech varmints c'd also be buttheids who doesn't haf a life.

But then agin (agin) .......................... one nevah knows!

Don't reckon yo' kin identify a Ho'desman by their garb. Well bust mah britches an' call me streaker. They may mighty fine be dressed as a Cavalier ..... o' a Crusader ..... o' warin' yer Kin'dom's Crown .

Press here for a RealAudio file

Luckman's Best of the Web

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Do not feed the Batu Conneck To Ho'deNet
Mercs for hire Th' Secret Histo'y Of Th' Dark Ho'de
We're really only a household Pale Horse Khanate
It's NOT our yak! Th' Usual Disclaimer
The Dark Horde is your friend Conneck Wif th' SCA Home Page
Surrender now! Th' Noyat
Radio Free Mongolia: The People's Friend Juneral Inquiries

Figgerin' of Autocratin' an event of th' SCA? Better read this hyar fust! Fry mah hide!

Radio Free Mongolia: The Voice of Truth
Announcin' Radio Free Mongolia! Fry mah hide!

This hyar is NOT our Yak! Fry mah hide!
An' neifer is these!

Thar is varmints in th' wo'ld now ....
an' a lot of them is Mongols!

No Rhinohiding
free and uncensored
This hyar homepage is NOT an official publicashun of th' SCA Inc. o' th' Dark Ho'de , no' does it deliniate enny SCA (an' is tharfo'e uncenso'ed an' free) o' Dark Ho'de policies in enny official capacity whutsoevah. In cases of cornflick wif printed vahshuns of material presented on this hyar page o' it's links, th' dispute will in all probability be decided by flippin' a coin, as enny fool kin plainly see. Th' only official source of Dark Ho'de info'mashun is ..... er ..... ah ..... Wal, thar ain't enny official source on account o' we deny ev'rythin'.
Th' Dark Ho'de does not claim responsibility fo' th' SCA Inc. eifer, so thar! Fry mah hide!.

Enny SCA o' related group may link t'this page at their own risk at enny time. Beware of th' Batu.

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an' is © copyright 1997, 1998 W. J. Bethancourt III. All artwawk is © copyright 1997, 1998 W.J. Bethancourt IIah o' th' origeenal ownys tharof. Th' badge of th' Great Dark Ho'de (Classic) is a registered badge wifin th' SCA Inc.
Thanks especially hoof it to Subotai Cinoa an' E. Phillips fo' he'pin' t'make this hyar page postible.
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